Monday, September 5, 2011

Regarding the request for .zip vs .rar

Given the recent deluge of emails in the last two days regarding requests for .zips instead of .rars:

If you read the blog, you will notice last December I suffered a series of catastrophic computer failures - my Mac currently functions on with the entire keyboard stripped off the laptop, and faceplate removed. As shocking myself from a short from the circuitry is NOT one of my favorite things, I try to avoid this computer. This was also where I did all of my conversions. My new laptop is currently trying to get up to speed so I can do conversions, however I lost all of my conversion files - as well as my Photoshop (hence no new updates from me on VS OR Equus). In light of the recent request I am CONSIDERING offering .zip extensions for those more comfortable using them - HOWEVER I ask that you exercise patience and restraint. In order to offer these I will have to REDOWNLOAD all of my own content. ;) Which will take some time to do.

For those of you saying .rar's cannot be installed into the game:
Please make sure that you are actually extracting the files from the archive. Sims 3 cannot read a .zip OR a .rar . You must extract the .sims3packs from the archive file and install THOSE into your Downloads folder.

Yes - most of my downloads are .sims3packs and must be placed in the DOWNLOADS folder, NOT the Mods/Packages folder. I will NOT be releasing any downloads as .packages seeing as I use TSRW for most of my conversions.



    Hey, this is free AND opens BOTH RARs and Zips.

  2. So what your saying is that your making all the rars into zips? like changing the file download? Thanks. Sorry for the "OMG RARS NO!" comments.

  3. Iam really sorry about those complaning comments.