About Rachel

About Self/Sim!
Name: Rachel Andrews
Gender: Female 
Sign: Capricorn
Traits: | Loves the Outdoors | Clumsy | Excitable | Hopeless Romantic | Easily Impressed |
Favorites: | Red | Goopy Carbonara | Pop |

In Real Life...
Rachel is currently a first year student at a college of veterinary medicine and on her way to becoming a veterinarian! As a result, much of her time is spent at school or cramming for horrendous exams. Poor baby.

Outside of her horrendous school life, Rachel loves the outdoors and the arts - particularly, drawing, photography, ceramics and bead making. Most of her time, while not in school, is spent training her Arabian horse, Mojito - who she hopes to compete with in shows and endurance races this upcoming summer!

Much like her Self-Sim, Rachel is usually friendly, although random and inappropriate most of the time!

In the Sims...
Rachel is an odd, scatter brained random sim with a tendency for random exclamations, obvious remarks, and a dry sense of humor. She currently resides in Bridgeport with her roommate Christina (go figure) - toilets remain a point of contention in their household (Rachel is something of a slob at times). Check out their wacky hijinks at What-The-Sims?! for some good, wholesome inappropriate and likely offensive fun!

About Vicarious-Sims!
 ;) For all of you out there who were wondering about who is behind Vicarious-Sims and how it get started, you have my lovely friend Christina over at The Vintage Sim to thank. Christina was kind enough to design our lovely blog that you see here, as introduce me to the online Simming community and get me started on creating my own buildings and *fingers crossed* objects! :D Thanks a million Christina, we wouldn't be here without you!

Vicarious-Sims is a multi-purpose The Sims 3 blog, and host to all of my downloads, stories and other sim related clutter! While it's primary purpose is to serve as a showcase for my own Sims 3 game and creations, I hope you mind it entertaining, amusing or at the best, a resource or inspiration for your own game!