Saturday, September 24, 2011

Aint nothing but mammals!

Life just isn't worth living without a 3 lb, yappy, insecure accessory that you constantly carry under your arm. Especially when it just so darn cute.

Ideal for your sims that are high maintenance, spoiled, rich, irritating, or in general, Paris Hilton like. Minus the sex tape. Or maybe not?

Introducing Vegas! -properly pronounced in an excitable, high pitched squeak as "VAAAAY-GUSSSSS!", my irl Chihuahua. I'm not ACTUALLY convinced that she's a dog, maybe some kind of tree-dwelling marsupial....or a cat. Or possibly a hairy lizard....

In any case, her hobbies are: Climbing to the top of tall objects and napping on them, basking in the sun, humping my male dog, and peeling all of the covers off of you so that she can nest in them instead. 90% of her time is spent burrowing under clothing, blankets or other objects like some kind of underground rodent. Vegas is also the most ironic Chihuahua in the universe in that she does not bark. Ever. She can, she just doesn't like to.

Enjoi~ :D

Warning: Possess errant maternal instincts and may try to get your socks to nurse.

Name: Vegas
Nickname: Tink
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Chihuahua
Color: Lavender
Traits: Hydrophobic, Skittish, Playful

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  1. She looks so awesome :D Definitely captured her personality with these shots :)

  2. Awww! omg so cute! Haha I love that first pic with her name on it :D

  3. :D Aww thanks guys.

    @Ashley: That picture looks so awesome because Christina did the graphic design on it! :D

  4. Aww these looks so good. What a good job!

  5. So CUTE!
    >.> My male chihuahua used to hump my grandma's male chihuahua :3

  6. How do I get them on my game without pets yet?

  7. Adorable! @Anon: The TS3 Pets Demo on TS3 website.

  8. will she work in the game if i dont have pets ep ;)

  9. will she work in the game if i install the latest update for sims 3 pets

  10. I love your works ^ ___ ^
    Vegas it is very lovely, thanks ***