Friday, June 3, 2011

;) Back in Business

Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that I have finally obtained an external disc drive, and although my computer is limping along, we're back in business and absolutely PUMPED at the news of Sims 3 - Pets! to be released this fall!

Also here to announce they we will be MOVING! :D For quite some time my stuff has also been hosted at Equus-Sims, a more comprehensive, Equine related only Sims site. For simplicity's sake, I'm going to be posting over there from now on!


  1. :) P.s. In honor of the new EP coming out, I'm already hard at work converting a variety of decor objects, so keep an eye on Equus!

  2. Hey Rachel Welcome Back! I too am really excited about the new EP I cannot wait! although there will be some major meshing needed looking at the tack lol.

  3. yes, welcome back! when is this new ep coming out? cant wait! cant wait to see your stuff up and around again! ive been missing adding new horsey objects to my game :(

  4. Thanks guys! :D I just completed a set today, all that's left to test and then upload to Equus!

    Paige: The new EP comes out some time this fall, have you seen the trailer? :D HORSES!

    ;) Christina fixed the english saddle that hangs on the wall so that it's no longer all hideous and see through! :D

  5. oh, that one, i didnt read the above properly, i was just too busy squealing that your back! AND OMFGHEDPRG, REALLY? YAY, ill be honest it was starting to bug me and stuff. im too lazy to fill the blanks with photoshop ;D

  6. :) Tackroom stuff is now up on Equus! :D Huzzah!

  7. I'm super excited for Sims Unleashed (Pets)! \

    I was just wondering if I could have your permission to make a story with any of your downloadable content when the EP does finally arrive. I mean, I know I'll have real (virtual) horses, but your horses would be great for the background!!

    I already love having your pretend one's in my game, and have created a few personal stories, but I was thinking I would finally share one of them on the sims 3 website when my sims could actually ride them and etc.

    So, is that all right with you? I'll give you full credit and everything.

  8. Hi Lily! Sorry for the delay, I tend to ignore most comments on this blog, since I have moved all Equine content over to my shared site at Equus-Sims

    You may absolutely use my content in your stories! :) I converted most of it with the intent on doing so in my own game and I would LOVE to see what you make. ;) once your story is done, totally send me a link. I'd love to see it!