Monday, January 10, 2011

NomNomNom order to eventually work on my story, the one that started be down the road of converting all of these objects, I might actually need some horse related objects, rather than just horses themselves! ;) And so, today, I have converted ThatScaryChick's Grain Bin, containing three separate yummy feeds for your equine buddies!

I actually really needed this object. In lieu of legitimate feed containers, I had recolored the recycling bin green and was using that to stand in for feed storage! Now I can relegate my poor recycle bins to becoming stand ins for muck buckets! <3

As an added bonus, I also made the wood of the grain bin custom recolorable - with a few preset options available if you aren't feeling creative. Nothing is more frustrating than an object that is just a titch off your interior.... ;) So now you don't have to worry about it!

Bin comes with preloaded feeds in each separate compartment, feeds are not recolorable.


Custom Recolorable!


What is this?
A conversion to TS3 of ThatScaryChick's Grain Bin, a totally unique mesh!

ThatScaryChick's Grain Bin


  1. look at you! on the ball this morning.

  2. ;) Now that I know how to make objects recolorable this was so easy to bang out. It was just like "Import mesh, import textures, DONE" :D

  3. nothing quite like reaching that point of EASY

  4. Thank you for taking the time to do all these conversions. I really appreciate it and they are lovely! :)

  5. No problem! :D Your grain bin looks absolutely amazing in game, its really gorgeous.

  6. Wow! Thanks, this will work perfectly, but could you please maybe do a water bucket? I have absolutely nothing that could work as one and I don`t feel right depriving my poor horsies of water.