Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Variety

 All of this posting is exhausting my mental reservoir of cute little introductions! Instead, a teaser! Let me just hint that this upload is the part of something larger in the works (no it's not moving horses or pets or anything like that, I'm simply not THAT good. ;) ). But these guys are the predecessor of something coming down the pipeline here shortly, something that Christina over at Equus-Sims has worked very hard on! 

 And so, in preparation for that little surprise, I give you four new poses for Dragon Slave's basic horse!

Poses Include:
1) Reaching Curiously
2) Drill Team: Bow
3) Show Pose
4) Laying Down 2


Some of the poses included...


What is this?
A conversion to TS3 of the Equus-Sims's Horse Poses, Set 1
An edit of Dragon Slave's basic horse mesh
A *complete* collection of *ALL* of Dragon Slave's recolors
And a special recolored edition created by me here at Vicarious-Sims

Which means a lovely 52 color options for you to play with to your hearts content!
(Color swatches can be viewed on the original mesh listing on MTS)

Dragon Slave's Basic Horse Mesh
Equus-Sims's Horse Poses, Set 1


  1. i cant get this to download for my game): is there some way you can put it on so i can download them..

  2. @ 1Anonymous. Ok when you download them, click, Save, after its down downloading, click open folder, Open the zip file, Now copy all of the things in that zip file. Open up your sims 3 launcher, and if you have something from the store, click on it. Then say Show File. Then you go into the custom content/ store bought download folder. Paste the things you copied earlier and BOOM. Go to your launcher, click on the things that you just pasted and say install to the sims 3 game. Thats how. I hope it helped. I hope it wasnt confusing! :3

  3. SOOOOOO Glad its a Zip.

  4. @Whatsmyface: Please read this:


    Hey, this is free AND opens BOTH RARs and Zips.

  6. ♥ ya salieron los sims 3 pets? tengo que ponerme al dia, como sea tu blog tiene muchas cosas bonitas :D

  7. I was wondering where I could get Equus's Set one and two poses for the sims 2? If it's Possible :P

  8. Where can I find them for The Sims 2?