Monday, January 10, 2011


For those of you keeping track, yes, this is my third post in 24 hours. Why yes, my brain has turned into some kind of sad, porridge-like gray mush. But enjoy the frantic updates while they last, for classes resume next Monday -- keep an eye on this blog for the next 6 days, because I'm going to try to slam out as many conversions as I can before it's too late and school swallows me up! :D (I'm aiming to try and have all of ThatScaryChick and Equus/thevintagesim's content converted to TS3 by Sunday).

Which, ironically has nothing to do with a New Years Resolution - I may have made a few, but absolutely none pertained to this blog (sorry kiddos!).  <3 But, as a part of this mad drive to get, as I see it, caught up to the point of where I can begin creating some ORIGINAL content (woot woot), I absolutely *HAD* to convert Equus-Sim's brand spanking new halter meshes. @.@ They are simply too gorgeous to put off!!! Seriously. Download them and take a look at the hardware. A piece of art! I wouldnt have had the patience to make something so intricate and tiny!

;) In my conversion, I also made these babies custom recolorable, so if your horse wants some bizarre, unique colored halter, create to your hearts content! <3 Fuscia? Go for it. Hell, even puce. Enjoy.

Halters are Fitted to:
1) DragonSlave's Basic Horse Pose 1
2) DragonSlave's Basic Horse Pose 2
3) DragonSlave's Basic Horse Pose 3
4) DragonSlave's Basic Horse Pose 4
5) DragonSlave's Basic Horse Pose 5
6) DragonSlave's Basic Horse Pose 6
7) DragonSlave's Basic Horse Pose 7
8) DragonSlave's Basic Horse Pose 9
9) DragonSlave's Basic Horse Pose 10
10) Equus-Sim's Show Pose
11) Equus-Sim's Reaching Pose

and a special bonus: A Foal Halter to fit ThatScaryChick's Foal Pose 10


Take a Peek!


What is this?
A conversion to TS3 of Equus-Sims's totally original Halter mesh
Fitted to Dragon Slave's Basic Poses
Fitted to Foal Pose 10 by ThatScaryChick
Fitted to Equus Pose Set 1 Poses from Equus-Sims

Dragon Slave's Basic Horse Mesh
Equus-Sims's Halter Set


  1. I'm really very proud of the way you make my mesh look lol.

  2. LOL! <3 Thanks. I did the easy part.

  3. I try to put these on the horses in my game but they wont let me place them. When i try to place them over the horse the square on the floor which is normally green which means you can place it, it turns red like if you try to place an item overanother item. When i try to place the halter over the horse it does the same thing.
    Can anyone help?


  4. Try the MoveObjects On cheat.

  5. Thank you very much. Oh and by the way, you're things are amazing! i hope you do a food and water trough! :).

  6. If you have a problem to put a bridle or any things like this on a horse, just use the cheat : moveobjects on/off

  7. can i download them to the sims 2?

  8. where can i find them for sims 2?

  9. The halters are currently not available for Sims 2