Sunday, January 9, 2011

Because You Asked

A few of you lovely people have requested that my Medicine Hat paint be available in The Sims 2 (since not everyone owns/likes The Sims 3). While I do own the game, it's on my old relic of a Mac, and I have ceased to play it except infrequently. :) Christina from thevintagesim has been AMAZINGLY sweet and agreed to toss it into the game as a recolor for TS2! <3

Head on over to | Equus-Sims | to my Medicine Hat paint recolor for The Sims 2!

Original recolor created by myself, here at Vicarious-Sims
Conversion to TS2 created by Christina over at Equus-Sims / thevintagesim


  1. oh and for calling me amazingly sweet :)

  2. Oh my god thanks a lot!

  3. :D Glad it made you happy, ;) Christina did all the work on this one, I got to be lazy and just cross post!