Saturday, January 22, 2011


Please let me preface this by stating: I understand the underside of the saddle is see-through. I know it's annoying. I do not know how to fix it other than recreating an entirely new aspect to the mesh, remapping the entire thing and basically recreating the object. And since this is just a conversion, it's not really my inclination to do so. But! I liked the object and liked not having a naked tack room any longer - and decided to share it with you! ;) But I know people won't read this and still bitch about my conversion so I raise you the challenge to fix it.

That being said, I bring you Equus-Sim's hanging tack set! :) Tired of naked tackrooms? Want a halter to hang on your horses stall? ;) Then you're in the right place!

Objects are CAStable:
Saddle - Saddle/Pad/Wooden Rack
Bridle - Leather/Hook
Halter - Fabric/Hook


What is this?
An edit of Speedy's saddle mesh
2 unique meshes created by Christina at thevintagesim
3 decorative wall hanging objects (snap to wall) that can be moved up and down the wall.
Fully CAStable - except for saddle/bridle/halter hardwear (metal wall hangers can be customized)

Equus-Sims's Hanging Tack Set (Bridle, Halter, Saddle)
Speedy's Original Saddle mesh


  1. doesnt matter about the seethroughness, you can just fill it in on photoshop for stories ;)

    gorgeous, so downloading, NOW WHERES THAT STABLE SET? ;) im awaiting your conversion, dear xD

  2. Anony: :D Thanks!

    paige: :o Paige, I think you are my first actual fan! Lol - oh my gosh you're right about the saddle, phew! I was kind of bugging me, but I didnt want to go about revamping the entire mesh!

    LOL The stable set has been up a DAY! XD!! I'll get on it, but you might want to scurry over and see what ThatScaryChick ( just made - I have a whole slew of work ahead of me it seems! ;) MS3B always bitches that I keep making these conversions but lordy - I'll stop if I ever get caught up! The tides of horse content never end!

    A little plan for what I have in store:

    - TSC's grooming kit
    - TSCs TRAILER <3 <3 <3
    - TSCs Pose Set 3
    - Equus Sims Stable Mesh
    - Equus Sims Round Pen
    - Equus Sims Fencing/Gate Meshes
    - TSC's Horse Feed
    - TSC's Hay Bales
    (this should complete TSC's works!!! If I am not mistaken).

    @_@ It boggles my mind. I guess I shall be busy!

  3. what amazes me is that you usually get my meshes out before I do!

  4. OMG! You girls are AWESOME! I've been coming here regularly from the start, so I guess I'm a fan too lol. I'm in the middle of building a Stud Farm, so I'll be sat here with bated breath waiting to see what else is available for our horse loving sims lol

  5. Christina: Eep! Sorry about that haha! XD

    Gardenof: :D Thank you!!! I'm glad you like the content! You'll have to link us to some pictures of your farm, we'd love to see!

  6. I keep creating and deleting lots as new pieces come out! i have no room! xD ill go check her out :D we are really greatful for your conversions :)

  7. this is awesome!!!!! how do u download this into the Sims 3 game??? i want to use it!!!

  8. How can you get it up an down?

  9. Is it for or from the sims 3? If it's FOR, do you know where I can find something like this for the Sims 2? I've looked everywhere from thesimsresource to modthesims.....