Friday, December 10, 2010

Pretty Ponies! might just be me, but there have been times while playing with my equestrian lots that I have grown tired of sedate looking horses munching grass or standing, staring stoicly into the distance. BORRRINNGG...
The fix? ThatScaryChick's Basic Horse Pose 1 meshes....CONVERTED FOR TS3! WoooO!

I bring you...Psycho Ponies! Not really, but TSC's mesh (edited from Dragon Slave's TS2 meshes) provides much needed spice and more animated looking poses to your equestrian lots!

Poses Included:
Pose 1 - Running
Pose 2 - Galloping
Pose 3 - Rearing
Pose 4 - Rearing 2
Pose 5 - Trotting
Pose 6 - Kicking/Bucking


Also included...

A special recolor created by yours truly to add a splash of color (hardeeharhar get it, paint/splash?!) to your game.

And just because I *really* like you, this conversion also includes ALL of Dragon Slave's recolors. Yes, I said all. As in
every single one. As in hand loaded 51 textures so you may play with them all. ;) Just because you're all so darn cute.


What is this?
A conversion to TS3 of ThatScaryChick's Basic Horse Pose Set 1 meshes
An edit of Dragon Slave's basic horse mesh
A *complete* collection of *ALL* of Dragon Slave's recolors
And a special recolored edition created by me here at Vicarious-Sims

Which means a lovely 52 color options for you to play with to your hearts content!
(Color swatches can be viewed on the original mesh listing on MTS)

Dragon Slave's Basic Horse Mesh
TSC's Basic Horse Pose Set 1 at ThatScaryChick


  1. They are wonderful! You did a great job of converting them. :)

  2. :D!!! I'm so glad you like them. D: I would have been horribly embarrassed if I didn't do them justice, haha.

  3. They're beyond gorgeous. Thanks to you and TSC, people like me can enjoy these beautiful new meshes in both games :D. thanks ladies!! <3

  4. Very nice! I've never used any horse downloads before but I think I might have to start! :D

  5. Thanks Ashley! :) I know that Viktor_tor has a conversion of Dragon Slave's basic horse mesh for TS3 as well! But, my own conversion is in the works as well. :D Should be online within the next week.

  6. These poses are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!

  7. Absolutely amazing! You make an addons to my TS3 conversion. ^__^ I had such idea, but... I have not much time for it now. And I send many thanks to you for this!

  8. Great for my sims!
    Except that, I love your color pie horse and I want to have it on sims 2 (I have the sims 3 too, but I play less often in fact)
    Where can I find it?
    it's my favorite <3

  9. Oh wow, hi Victor! :D I must say I've used your TS3 conversion for a really long time and absolutely loved it!!! The add-ons are actually by ThatScaryChick at , she makes some amazing stuff. :D I'm just a lowly converter!

    Anonymous: Oh my gosh, thanks so much! I actually haven't made one for TS2, but! I have a friend who plays TS2, Christina at thevintagesim ;) I'll ask her to make a recolor of it for you, so start checking there!

  10. Thank you so much ^^

  11. how can i get these as a zip file not a rar file?

  12. Can you make it a zip? I have a hard painful time with RARs.