Saturday, December 4, 2010

Downloady Goodness

And so it shall be that my first post is a Download, just because I love you all so very much. ;) High Pointe Riding Academy is an elite riding facility, located just outside of downtown Bridgeport catering to the urban sim who still would like to keep their equine friends nearby!

+ Stall/Pasture Board
+ Private runs for Stall boarded horses
+ Run in sheds for Pasture boarded horses
+ Tacking bays
+ Lounge w/ Arena viewing
+ Jumping arena
+ Tack room

Technical: Currently set as a Community lot open to visitors - must have LN to work correctly.

More Images:

Now the good stuff!
- Dragon Slave's Horse Mesh converted for TS3 may be found HERE
- Decorative Pillows by Awesims
- Large Viewing Window (Panorama Counter Window) by wideopeneyes


  1. Beautiful as ever! I love it. LOVE. IT. <3

  2. Looks amazing :) Congrats on the grand opening!

  3. That is a beautiful stable! When I get more into the Sims 3 I will definitely have to download it. :)

  4. TSC: Thank you so much! I absolutely *love* your site, your new poses and the foal for Dragon Slave are excellent. :D Thanks so much for the kind words!

    Anonymous: ^_^ Thank you!!! I was so worried people weren't going to like it, first thing I've posted and all!

  5. This has to be one of the coolest lots I've seen!! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. Aww jeez! #^_^# Thanks so much!!! I've got another larger once in the works, I think you'll like it too!

  7. Finally I can install this! I can't wait to play with this lot~

  8. Hi, I have pulled everything your site offers and I wonder how, if I have the most horse and saddle, sit on a horse in THE SIMS 3?? Or how to keep the pony for a guide?? Counseled?? I do not know your advice ... Sarah

  9. Put some cute Minature horses in there too ^^

  10. I have a question, If i make a stable like yours, but completely different style, ill post it on the sims 3 store and give a link the next time a comment, Will you take a look at it? Please?

  11. I have a problem downloading this... Can you make it a zip by any chance?

  12. @Anon: Of course you may make a stable! And I would LOVE to see it! <3

  13. Fine work!
    And as, already left sims 3 pets
    It is pleasant to me even more!
    I will simply put any pans and I will occupy the pupils <З
    Many thanks))