Friday, December 17, 2010

The Fast and The Furious!

One of my reservations in story telling using these meshes has been the fact that I cannot really include a competition of any kind - with multiple horses in the arena, and only a few poses for a particular gait, one would end up with two separate riders in the exact same post. Creepy, highly unlikely and just poor story telling! Once again, TSC has saved our butts with her Basic Horse Pose Set 2!

Expanding upon her new poses, ThatScaryChick has included several variations on the trot, canter and gallop so that our sims are no longer stuck with only one or two options for moving horses! :) Let your imagination run wild! Herds of horses can gallop across with a pasture, no longer looking like an awkward synchronized swimming team. You can make realistic race scene, or even competitions with multiple horses side by side, NOT looking like clones! Great job TSC!

Voila! No more creepy synchronized horses!

Poses Include:
7) Canter 1
8) Canter 2
9) Canter 3
10) Trot 1
11) Trot 2
12) Trot 3
13) Gallop 1
14) Gallop 2
15) Gallop 3


Some of the poses included...


What is this?
A conversion to TS3 of the ThatScaryChicks's Basic Horse Poses, Set 2
An edit of Dragon Slave's basic horse mesh
A *complete* collection of *ALL* of Dragon Slave's recolors
And a special recolored edition created by me here at Vicarious-Sims

Which means a lovely 52 color options for you to play with to your hearts content!
(Color swatches can be viewed on the original mesh listing on MTS)

Dragon Slave's Basic Horse Mesh
ThatScaryChick's Basic Horse Poses, Set 2


  1. beautiful! thanks for converting this ;P

  2. Greatful!
    But, are you french? O_o

  3. Nope, not french at all! ;) From the USA. Why do you ask?

  4. the origin of 'voila' is french..

  5. *headdesk thunk* I kept looking through the post for odd spellings. XD I say voila all the time irl.

  6. hahaha well that's my only logical guess.

  7. So glad to see that you converted these as well! Thank you. They are beautiful. :)

  8. ^_^ I'm very glad you like them. :D Would you like me to take a crack at your lovely new grooming set? <3!

  9. What do I say? I LOVE...just LOVE...all the horses you have made available to date. I so miss my real life horsey days way back when and these gorgeous animals are a unique and very personal addition to my game. They add that special "something" in a way that little else can. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  10. This is very nice! The horses look very realistic, they're positions look so real. That is a great deal of work!

  11. thanks I hope thet at the sims 3 pets will be horses thet you can make on the CAS and than your can make a lot of tack for them you are the best!!!!!!3>

  12. <3 Me too! ;) But thanks TSC and Christina at thevintagesim, they're the talented ones!

  13. Hey Vicrious Sim!

    I'm new to Sims 3
    and Christina's help me with the Sims 2.
    I downloaded the horses and their in the game, but i cant find them in Buy Mode. :0

    Hope you can help. :)


  14. Hi HorseForva,

    :) These horses are for Sims 3, so check to make sure you're in the right game first. The horses will be located under Decor -> Misc Decor, near the bottom. I believe they cost about 1800, and should be white with brown spots in their thumbnail.

  15. Hey Vicarious,

    Well, i'm in the right game, but they weren't there.
    I'd download more, then check, and they woudnt show up. :(

    I wonder if i downloaded wrong. ;o

    Thanks for helping :)


  16. Hmm...

    Download the files to your My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads folder

    remember to install them through the game launcher, click the downloads tab, select their thumbnails and click install.

    Check to make sure they are installed under the Installed Content tab

  17. Hey! :)


    I'll try unistalling them and retrying it.

    Thanks for the help.


  18. May I ask if any of these horses' textures are slaved to each other? The laying and high jumping horse are both showing up with grey textures after I removed several of the others.

    These horses are lovely, though. Thank you so much for converting them!


  19. You can make these zips. My friend made these into a zip and downloaded them onto her other computer. Can you make these zips? TS3 can read zip files. Just make a folder or something named after the download, make it a zip and paste the horse poses in them, and put them on mediafire. I am not begging, just a suggestion. Because a lot of my friends have a hard diffcult time downloading these RAR. Files.

  20. @Whatsmyface: I'm aware of how to make zips. Please read this:


    Hey, this is free AND opens BOTH RARs and Zips.