Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sometimes we all need a little motivation, some more than others. Personally, I'm on the lazy end of the spectrum - if it doesn't *absolutely* need to be...well I probably won't do it unless something comes along and gives me a giant kick in the butt. And so I present to you the mesh that started me down the path to learning how to convert TS2 -> TS3 files! TSC's Foal Poses from the Dragon Slave mesh!

Because TSC is a genius, she has made these absolutely freaking adorable foal meshes that I *hadddd* to have. ;) So I converted them for the Sims 3, and I figure that you all might like to share them too! ;) to be able to use them properly, I'd suggest enabling the 'moveobjects' cheat to place them close to mares or other objects.

Prepare to melt from the cuteness!

Poses Include:
1) Standing
2) Nursing
3) Feeding
4) Jogging
5) Galloping
6) Rearing
7) Bending
8) Standing w/ head turned
9) Standing w/ head turned 2
10) Walking
11) Bucking
12) Rolling
13) Sleeping


Some of the poses included...


What is this?
A conversion to TS3 of the ThatScaryChicks's Foal Poses
An edit of Dragon Slave's basic horse mesh
A *complete* collection of *ALL* of Dragon Slave's recolors
And a special recolored edition created by me here at Vicarious-Sims

Which means a lovely 52 color options for you to play with to your hearts content!
(Color swatches can be viewed on the original mesh listing on MTS)

Dragon Slave's Basic Horse Mesh
ThatScaryChick's Foal Poses


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to convert these. You are awesome!

  2. D'aww thanks both of you! ;) And TSC, thanks for letting me convert them! :D I love having them in my game!

  3. hm, okay. this is getting pathetic. i check you and TSC's blogs every day more times than I do my own..

  4. I love your horses! They are absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait to use them in my game. I'm having a problem downloading the foals, however. Nothing happens for me on Mediafire (no file downloads; sometimes I go to a blank page when I click on the download link). Any suggestions would be appreciated :-).

  5. OK, so if I just wait an hour and try again, I now have foals. I can't wait for more horsey items. Thanks so much for these great additions to the game!

  6. Wonderfull, thank you!!

  7. have you this for the sims 2???

  8. Sims 2 content is taken care of by Christina on our joint site at

  9. I would love to download this... but its a rar file.... I trust zips only.

  10. Dang it, It wont work with a rar file. Can you make it a zip like anonymous said?