Friday, February 4, 2011


Hey kiddos!

Sorry for the abrupt disappearance - Vet School started up again in full force, and I have some regrettable news. No, we're absolutely NOT closing or going on hiatus. I've been working on a fairly substantial conversion (no it's not moving critters or anything either, don't get too excited), it's just a lot of objects with a lot of detail (deceptively so!) and I wanted it to be perfect. To deliver that, I've had to learn how to do several new things - just time consuming.

It's already been awhile and I was hoping to get my new conversion online for all of you this weekend, but my PC's power adapter ate it's own brain and has been reduced to chirping like a cricket. Until I replace this, my projects are all on hold!

Sorry about that munchkins, I'll try to be back in action as soon as possible!

In the meantime, my personal online journal and random simming is usually chronicalled at What-The-Sims, the WTF button located in the nav bar. Check it out, although, it's usually a little profane.

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  1. if i lived near you id probably give you my spare laptop and say here, get everything on this and UPLOAD WOMAN! xD