Monday, January 3, 2011

Blazing Saddles

Oh frabjous day, kaloo kalay!!! A saddle! ;) To be honest, I was tempted to withhold this from you for a good week so that I might have something to share with you in the future, but I couldn't resist. What can I say, I had an awesome day. <3 Plus you're all too darn cute.

I have to explain this part carefully - the ORIGINAL mesh consisted of a saddle on a stand created by another simmer by the name of Speedy. ;) You have her/him to thank for the amazing handiwork. Except that mesh came fused to a saddle stand. While I like saddle stands as much as the rest of us, Christina over at thevintagesim was awesome enough to alter this mesh into a free floating saddle that we can now place on most of the horse poses available (tends to fit any horse with a more or less flat/level back - jumping/rearing/bucking it doesn't quite work on). ;) I just converted this for TS3 and made it recolorable.

This saddle comes with three custom recolorable parts - the saddle leather itself, the main pad color and the piping that borders the pad!


What is this?
An edit of an ORIGINAL mesh created by Speedy
Converted to TS3 by us here at Vicarious-Sims, and made custom recolorable in 3 parts, saddle, pad and pad piping!

Dragon Slave's Basic Horse Mesh
Poses in featured images by both ThatScaryChick and thevintagesim
Original saddle mesh created by Speedy
Saddle extracted for TS2 by the vintage sim


  1. Where can i find it for silms 2?
    I've the original saddle, but she's not "scractched" on the horse...

  2. It should be over at the soon! Or once we get it up and running, over at:

  3. Where can I get the horse that is standing still? I have downloaded the other horse available here, but they are all running, trotting, rearing etc.

  4. the standing horse is part of an original set, you can now find it on here in all the recolours, which i must say are bloody fabulous!

  5. cant download plz help.

  6. i cant get it!!): i can get the zip files not the rar files):

  7. How about you do both Rar, and zip files. On all the downloads, that would be alot easier for your fans to access files...